Log 16: 4 Months Later

29/08/17, SINGAPORE

So much has happened since the last time I’ve posted. I’ve quit my job at Swensen’s and started working at NUH, then I quit NUH and started working as an Intern at FOTF (Under FC) and got my part time job back at Swensen’s in the process. There’s been a couple of public holidays I’ve never had before like Vesak Day, Hari Raya and National Day. It was all very exciting and new.

Recently I’ve gotten pretty homesick. There were a couple of times when I SWEAR I saw people I knew from NZ. I thought I saw my brother once as well and a couple of acquaintances, even though I knew it was highly unlikely but for a split second, every time I would get super excited. #homesick #newzealand

I’ve also been pretty pissed off at Singaporeans in general. I know I’m a Singaporean and I’m not saying all Singaporeans are like this but I’ve encountered a lot recently that have been pretty rude. Never in my 19 years have I ever been legit, both hands on my back, on purpose, pushed before. Never have I ever been given so much ‘attitude’ but an employee as a customer- and let me just say I can’t read minds, maybe you can and that’s cool but ‘I’ definitely can’t- and I apologize? Never have I ever been yelled at in response to a simple question such as “What drink is that?”

And before I finish off I just want to say. I don’t blame Caucasians for not being able to tell different Asians apart. To be honest, I’m an Asian and if a Japanese, Korean, Chinese(China), Chinese(Indonesian) and Chinese(Singaporean) stood in front of me and you asked me to tell them apart simply by what they look like- I can honestly say I won’t be able to (Maybe some but far from 100%).

Since we’re talking about this, can I just say that if a German guy, a French guy, a Russian guy and an American is to stand in front of you and you’re asked to tell which is which. I can say straight off the bat that I won’t be able to, and I think most Asians probably can’t as well. And I don’t think that is racist per-say, I think it just means we’re all humans and maybe we need to step out a little from our culture-comfort-bubble and perhaps hang out with people we might not normally hang out with.

Besides, mixed babies are super cute.


Log 15: Thailand

8/04/16, SINGAPORE

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted. The reason mainly being my short visit to Thailand.

Thailand is beautiful.

I have fallen in love with the country and it’s people. I’m just so glad to have had the opportunity to go there and also to having had the chance to interact with the locals, especially the kids. I went there with a group of people from church for a mission trip helping out with a youth camp and a kids day camp.

For the whole week I was totally sleep deprived but it was worth it 100%. I can’t wait to go back and I hope that will be sometime in the near future. I’ve met some amazing people and I hope to see them again.

Here’s a few photographs I have taken, check it out!

IMG_5733 (2)IMG_5736 (2)IMG_5380

There’s not much I can say more. It was just such an amazing experience which I highly recommend for your bucket list whatever type of person you are.

Peace out,


Log 14: The rest of your life…

22/03/17, SINGAPORE

Lately I’ve been dwelling a lot on my life, the future in particular.

I’m currently a nursing student and when I return in July I will continue with my study. But being here in Singapore and experiencing life that differs from what I’m “suppose to do” really gets you thinking. I want adventure in my life.

Yes uni is an adventure in itself but every time I think back to uni I get scared, because I’m not that person anymore. In a way, I don’t see myself as a nurse anymore. I’m more confused than ever and I’m terrified.

I guess what I’m scared about the most is not becoming the person I’m suppose to be, the person I have the potential to become.

I’m not exactly  a capable person, but I seek adventure. I want something that’s exciting, something that keeps me on my toes, something challenging.

I just don’t know if the life that awaits my return is the life for me anymore.

I hate adulting, I just want to kid/ Jo Out.



Log 13: Can sing with singlish meh?

10/03/17, SINGAPORE

Continuing my exploration of Singapore online I looked into Singaporean singers.

To be completely honest I had no idea what to expect. I mean, can you sing with a singlish accent? And what on earth will that sound like? What sort of stuff do Singaporeans sing about, is it the same as the rest of the world? I know those questions may sound absolutely ridiculous to local Singaporeans but I am completely clueless here, don’t judge haha

So after a little asking around and a little bit of exploring on Youtube I have created a list of 5 Singaporean singers/groups, check them out!

The Sam Willows

The Same Willows is my personal favourite, they’re really good and I think anyone who hasn’t heard of them before should definitely check them out!

Nathan Hartono 

He’s a total eye candy in my opinion haha but other than that his voice is very melodic and he gives off a very radiant aura in his music videos, so definitely worth checking out!

Charlie Lim

So bringing down the tempo with Charlie Lim as number 3 (‘tree’ :P) on my list. His music is more on the mellow side and a little depressing in my opinion haha. But it’s not bad depressing it’s nice depressing if that makes any sense haha – ookay stop talking Jo, okay. Just check out his music, it’s really good!

Kit Chan

So Kit Chan is more in the older generation of Singers compared to the 3 before. She’s a bilingual singer and below is the song called ‘Home’ which she sings about Singapore being her home. It’s a very nice song which I enjoyed listening to.

Taufik Batisah

‘Holding On’ – The link below is an English song however he also sings in Malay and I think more commonly as well. It’s also a worthy note to know that he is the first winner of Singapore Idol in 2004.

Sorry this post is a bit long but I hope you enjoyed it! Comment other singers you reckon is worth mentioning from Singapore, I would love to know!

Still not sure if can sing in singlish leh / peace out.

Log 12: Tree

9/03/17, SINGAPORE

So recently I’ve been checking out Singapore – Online.

My cousin introduced me to this Singaporean Youtube channel called ‘Wah Banana.’ Their videos are great and damn funnymso thumbs up to them!

There is one particular video that really stands out to me. I think it’s absolutely hilarious because it was basically my life every single day for about the first month when I started living/working in Singapore

One of the things I have deliberately altered while I am working is how I say the number 3 and 30.

So I pronounce three with the ‘th’ sound by putting the tip of my tongue between my teeth, however it has caused some of my workmates to misunderstand what I am saying. On countless occasions they have heard 40 when I said 30, therefore to reduce the presence of frowning eyebrows in the workplace and 3 seconds of wasted time I have started saying 3 by pronouncing it ‘tree’ haha It’s crazy, because this is an issue I couldn’t even imagine facing in Singapore. Singlish is really something, quite a mystery, but I think I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

I mean just last week I was picking up some dinner and decided upon some noodles. Thinking, telling the cashier which dish I wanted and paying for it was enough I was in for quite a shock when the uncle preparing my meal asked me what sort of noodle I wanted. I was extremely confused and was speechless because I didn’t even know the options. The uncle was impatient and I was internally crying hoping the earth would swallow me whole and end my sufferings (#firstworldproblems). Luckily, I was saved by good old universal signs. I pointed (in a general direction towards the noodles), he brought it up, showed me and I nodded.

Remember it’s ‘tree’, not ‘three’ / peace out.



Log 11: My not so great adventure

7/03/17, SINGAPORE

Yesterday was my day off from work, so I decided to go exploring. I did a bit of research before I left the house and decided to check out Clarke Quay because there seems to be quite a bit to see around there; there was the Singapore River, the National Gallery and the Asian Civilization Museum. All which I wanted to go that day and all I didn’t go.

So basically I wanted to check out the National Gallery first. My phone was acting up so I decided to use the good old fashion way of getting around which was by asking the locals.

Boy was that a bad move. 1 and a half hour later, I was still wondering around trying to locate the mysterious National Gallery which by that point I thought didn’t actually exist. I asked several people, three of which were people working at help desks. The people gave different directions, I got so confused until eventually I just gave up. I somehow wondered into this design center which was great because of the air-con.

Getting lost outside in the heat of Singapore is not great, especially when you’re wearing all black. So first tip, do not wear black if you’re planning to go exploring in Singapore, not a great move. Tip two would be to A, bring a towel or B, continually find air-con areas to reduce the sweat from the blaring heat. Tip three is, bring a good phone or bring a map. Don’t rely on locals to find your way around. It’s the people who live in a place the longest who cares the least about where places are to be honest. Ask me where the Auckand Zoo is because I have no idea. Don’t judge, at least I know where the Auckland Museum is.

I guess the funniest part of the day was having to ask two Caucasians for directions in your own Country. That was lovely.

Anyway, don’t wear black when exploring, peace out/




Log 10: Being Me

25/02/17, SINGAPORE


I was looking at this photo I took last week at Gardens by the Bay and somehow, it made me reflect on my life.

Like a lot of us, I always felt different. My sense of humor, the way I think and even the things I like. When I was younger and still sometimes to this day, people would look at me strangely and even ignore me when I say something that doesn’t fit the cookie frame.

Being here in Singapore and 8, 525 kilometers away from the group of people that encouraged me to put myself down has given me time to think, a lot. I realized that I’m a unique individual and so is everyone else in this world. I know by 19 you probably should’ve already figured that out but I never related that fact to myself before. For a long time I let myself believe that the things I like and the stuff I say are irrelevant when it doesn’t ‘fit’. But you know what, God made me, me. And there’s no one else who’s going to be me if I’m not.

I’m a 19 year old girl who loves superheroes and fairy tale stories. I almost never talk smoothly. When it’s cold and I’m feeling lazy I wear socks with sandals. I love high school musical and can probably recite to you the entire series from memory. I enjoy being a little silly sometimes and making weird jokes that most people don’t understand. I talk about ‘Friends’ (tv show) as if they were real and I shared that memory with them. I laugh at my own jokes, because why not?

I’m a total dork and there’s absolutely no one else I want to be but me. I’m ready to embrace myself and all the dorkiness that comes with it. And I think you should too. Life is too short to be normal.

JLove, out.