Log 14: The rest of your life…

22/03/17, SINGAPORE

Lately I’ve been dwelling a lot on my life, the future in particular.

I’m currently a nursing student and when I return in July I will continue with my study. But being here in Singapore and experiencing life that differs from what I’m “suppose to do” really gets you thinking. I want adventure in my life.

Yes uni is an adventure in itself but every time I think back to uni I get scared, because I’m not that person anymore. In a way, I don’t see myself as a nurse anymore. I’m more confused than ever and I’m terrified.

I guess what I’m scared about the most is not becoming the person I’m suppose to be, the person I have the potential to become.

I’m not exactly  a capable person, but I seek adventure. I want something that’s exciting, something that keeps me on my toes, something challenging.

I just don’t know if the life that awaits my return is the life for me anymore.

I hate adulting, I just want to kid/ Jo Out.




2 thoughts on “Log 14: The rest of your life…

  1. It’s ok to feel lost. And it’s ok to want something else for yourself. Whilst you figure things out, I would advise you keep continuing with your nursing. Jiayou! No one said you only have to be a nurse once your graduate. I’m currently figuring things out myself. That said, I did finish my course and slogged out in the work force for another 5 years- gave it a real shot i think. Keep fighting!!!

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