Log 13: Can sing with singlish meh?

10/03/17, SINGAPORE

Continuing my exploration of Singapore online I looked into Singaporean singers.

To be completely honest I had no idea what to expect. I mean, can you sing with a singlish accent? And what on earth will that sound like? What sort of stuff do Singaporeans sing about, is it the same as the rest of the world? I know those questions may sound absolutely ridiculous to local Singaporeans but I am completely clueless here, don’t judge haha

So after a little asking around and a little bit of exploring on Youtube I have created a list of 5 Singaporean singers/groups, check them out!

The Sam Willows

The Same Willows is my personal favourite, they’re really good and I think anyone who hasn’t heard of them before should definitely check them out!

Nathan Hartono 

He’s a total eye candy in my opinion haha but other than that his voice is very melodic and he gives off a very radiant aura in his music videos, so definitely worth checking out!

Charlie Lim

So bringing down the tempo with Charlie Lim as number 3 (‘tree’ :P) on my list. His music is more on the mellow side and a little depressing in my opinion haha. But it’s not bad depressing it’s nice depressing if that makes any sense haha – ookay stop talking Jo, okay. Just check out his music, it’s really good!

Kit Chan

So Kit Chan is more in the older generation of Singers compared to the 3 before. She’s a bilingual singer and below is the song called ‘Home’ which she sings about Singapore being her home. It’s a very nice song which I enjoyed listening to.

Taufik Batisah

‘Holding On’ – The link below is an English song however he also sings in Malay and I think more commonly as well. It’s also a worthy note to know that he is the first winner of Singapore Idol in 2004.

Sorry this post is a bit long but I hope you enjoyed it! Comment other singers you reckon is worth mentioning from Singapore, I would love to know!

Still not sure if can sing in singlish leh / peace out.


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