Log 12: Tree

9/03/17, SINGAPORE

So recently I’ve been checking out Singapore – Online.

My cousin introduced me to this Singaporean Youtube channel called ‘Wah Banana.’ Their videos are great and damn funnymso thumbs up to them!

There is one particular video that really stands out to me. I think it’s absolutely hilarious because it was basically my life every single day for about the first month when I started living/working in Singapore

One of the things I have deliberately altered while I am working is how I say the number 3 and 30.

So I pronounce three with the ‘th’ sound by putting the tip of my tongue between my teeth, however it has caused some of my workmates to misunderstand what I am saying. On countless occasions they have heard 40 when I said 30, therefore to reduce the presence of frowning eyebrows in the workplace and 3 seconds of wasted time I have started saying 3 by pronouncing it ‘tree’ haha It’s crazy, because this is an issue I couldn’t even imagine facing in Singapore. Singlish is really something, quite a mystery, but I think I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

I mean just last week I was picking up some dinner and decided upon some noodles. Thinking, telling the cashier which dish I wanted and paying for it was enough I was in for quite a shock when the uncle preparing my meal asked me what sort of noodle I wanted. I was extremely confused and was speechless because I didn’t even know the options. The uncle was impatient and I was internally crying hoping the earth would swallow me whole and end my sufferings (#firstworldproblems). Luckily, I was saved by good old universal signs. I pointed (in a general direction towards the noodles), he brought it up, showed me and I nodded.

Remember it’s ‘tree’, not ‘three’ / peace out.




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