Log 11: My not so great adventure

7/03/17, SINGAPORE

Yesterday was my day off from work, so I decided to go exploring. I did a bit of research before I left the house and decided to check out Clarke Quay because there seems to be quite a bit to see around there; there was the Singapore River, the National Gallery and the Asian Civilization Museum. All which I wanted to go that day and all I didn’t go.

So basically I wanted to check out the National Gallery first. My phone was acting up so I decided to use the good old fashion way of getting around which was by asking the locals.

Boy was that a bad move. 1 and a half hour later, I was still wondering around trying to locate the mysterious National Gallery which by that point I thought didn’t actually exist. I asked several people, three of which were people working at help desks. The people gave different directions, I got so confused until eventually I just gave up. I somehow wondered into this design center which was great because of the air-con.

Getting lost outside in the heat of Singapore is not great, especially when you’re wearing all black. So first tip, do not wear black if you’re planning to go exploring in Singapore, not a great move. Tip two would be to A, bring a towel or B, continually find air-con areas to reduce the sweat from the blaring heat. Tip three is, bring a good phone or bring a map. Don’t rely on locals to find your way around. It’s the people who live in a place the longest who cares the least about where places are to be honest. Ask me where the Auckand Zoo is because I have no idea. Don’t judge, at least I know where the Auckland Museum is.

I guess the funniest part of the day was having to ask two Caucasians for directions in your own Country. That was lovely.

Anyway, don’t wear black when exploring, peace out/





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