Log 10: Being Me

25/02/17, SINGAPORE


I was looking at this photo I took last week at Gardens by the Bay and somehow, it made me reflect on my life.

Like a lot of us, I always felt different. My sense of humor, the way I think and even the things I like. When I was younger and still sometimes to this day, people would look at me strangely and even ignore me when I say something that doesn’t fit the cookie frame.

Being here in Singapore and 8, 525 kilometers away from the group of people that encouraged me to put myself down has given me time to think, a lot. I realized that I’m a unique individual and so is everyone else in this world. I know by 19 you probably should’ve already figured that out but I never related that fact to myself before. For a long time I let myself believe that the things I like and the stuff I say are irrelevant when it doesn’t ‘fit’. But you know what, God made me, me. And there’s no one else who’s going to be me if I’m not.

I’m a 19 year old girl who loves superheroes and fairy tale stories. I almost never talk smoothly. When it’s cold and I’m feeling lazy I wear socks with sandals. I love high school musical and can probably recite to you the entire series from memory. I enjoy being a little silly sometimes and making weird jokes that most people don’t understand. I talk about ‘Friends’ (tv show) as if they were real and I shared that memory with them. I laugh at my own jokes, because why not?

I’m a total dork and there’s absolutely no one else I want to be but me. I’m ready to embrace myself and all the dorkiness that comes with it. And I think you should too. Life is too short to be normal.

JLove, out.





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