27 Things…

This is actually a bucket list update. I’m scrapping 34 things and changing it to 27 things, there’s new items although it’s less. Comment suggestions and something interesting I’ve left out (not too expensive!).

  1. Go to the Singapore Zoo
  2. Buy something from Bugis Street
  3. Visit the National Library
  4. Go to Haw Par Villa
  5. Go to Gardens by the Bay
  6. Go to the National Museum
  7. Send a postcard from Singapore
  8. Go to Central Perk Singapore
  9. Visit the National Gallery
  10. Watch a free concert at the Esplanade
  11. Go walking with Singapore Footprints
  12. Go biking at East Coast Park
  13. Visit a Kampong
  14. Buy something from Atom Comics
  15. Visit the Asian Civilization Museum
  16. Volunteer
  17. Go to Chinatown
  18. Visit the island Pulau Ubin
  19. Try chicken rice in 5 different places
  20. Listen to Singaporean Stand up Comedy
  21. Buy a T-Shirt with a Singapore slang
  22. Buy a book about Lee Kuan Yew
  23. Work in Singapore
  24. Visit Sentosa
  25. Take a Photo with the big Merlion
  26. Learn 10 Singaporean slang
  27. Attend a public event in Singapore

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