Log 7: Gardens By the Bay

17/02/17, SINGAPORE

So I figured the best way to show my experience of the Gardens by the bay is through some of the photos I took but I’ll give you some basics first. So there are three main attractions at gardens the bay, they are: the Flower Dome, the Cloud Forest and the Skywalk.

The Flower Dome won the Guinness World Record 2015 for the world’s largest glass greenhouse flower dome. The Flower dome changes flowers and design at different periods. So the theme this season is called Dahlia Dreams. This display is on display fro the 20th Jan 2017 till the 19th of Feb 2017. And then they change display which I think is really cool.

Some final thoughts about gardens by the bay is costs! Admission fee is required for all 3 attractions. There is a local and standard rate which means if you’re a local at Singapore you will receive a discount so bring identification (preferably your ic or passport). For tourist the standard rate for the two conservatories (Flower Dome and Cloud Forest) costs $28 and the Skywalk costs $8. Other than that I hope you enjoy the photos 🙂

JLove Out.


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