Log 3: Something old…

30/01/17, SINGAPORE

So something completely unexpected happened yesterday.

The auntie who I am living with at the moment said she has my mum’s wedding dress! It’s completely unexpected because my mum said it was thrown out. We moved a lot when I was younger so my mum often gets confused with what happened to certain things we once had, like her wedding dress. In a way I’m quite glad this happened because it makes me treasure it more than I think I would if I had known.

However, it is a bit discolored from all the years in storage but I reckon with a bit of professional cleaning it should be fine. I’m extremely excited, my mum actually doesn’t know we found it yet! It’ll be a nice surprise when my dad returns in a couple of days. I just wished I was there to see her reaction when she finds out.

I never thought I would actually be able to see it and possibly even wear it one day. It’s a wonderful day.

Jo, Out.


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