Log 1: Arrival


23/01/17,  6:45am, SINGAPORE

The flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Singapore is approximately 10 hours. The first indication that I was actually in Singapore (apart from the giant Changi airport sign) was the Singlish accent. For those who are confused with the term ‘Singlish’, Urban Dictionary defines it as:

Singaporean-accented English.
Basically, English used by a tiny Asian nation nobody knows until it sounds so Asian you don’t understand it; even though the people there are much much smarter than you.Derived from British, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Indian, and Arabic words amongst others.

(It’s probably not the best way to explain it but if you want to know more just ask our good friend Google!)

So it was a quiet day today. I napped, sweat a couple buckets and jetlagged hardcore. Somehow I’m more excited than ever.

I guess that’s it for now. Adios amigo.

Jo, Out.


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